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Costume + party (social event) + vídeo (film stills) + photography + painting on green textile
resilience1 copy

A frenetic zapping in the way information pops up in our daily life. Politic, fiction, soap stars, serious social problems all mixed together and transformed in a spectacle through image. The image loses power, in a background (Chroma Key) ready to suit the wish to replace images at the speed of light. The screen that makes all the subjects equal.

The homogeneous image. Disinformation.

A body must rise, to make time, to analyse, highlight and to create thinking about what one sees. The emancipated spectator. What the power tries to keep out of visibility (in the dark) - the diversity - needs to defend its existence through a scream (colour), to make itself visible. Costume + party (social event) + video + photography + painting on green textile.

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